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Preserve Evidence at an Auto Accident Scene

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2016 | Firm News |

Many people who are injured in auto accidents do not preserve certain evidence at the scene of the accident – and this failure can prove detrimental to achieving a fair compensatory settlement from the insurance company for the party at fault.   If the injuries are catastrophic, it is clearly difficult if not impossible to do anything other than await medical care.  However, in those cases, if you have passengers who are not as injured, they can assist.   First rule, always call the police and document the accident and all involved.   Second, take photos of the vehicles, scene and injuries.   Third, seek insurance information from the at fault party.   Fourth, make note of any admissions by the at fault party.    Fifth, if interviewed by the police officer, tell him about all your injuries, even if they only feel like aches and pains at the time.   The more “scene” evidence you can preserve, the better able you and a good attorney can do in the future in obtaining for you the compensation you deserve.   And, it is critical to contact an attorney soon after the accident – as soon as possible.   Attorneys can assist in the timely preservation of critical evidence if you are not in a position to do so.   At the Law Offices of Peter E. Hutchins, we have handled thousands of auto accident cases, and are always available for a prompt and free intitial consultation.