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Manchester Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you have been involved in an accident where you were hit by a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle, contact us now: the Law Offices of Peter E. Hutchins in Manchester, New Hampshire. Injuries to pedestrians, including children, can be extremely severe. Often, a negligent driver and his or her insurance company will try to blame the pedestrian. We can make sure you understand your rights and obtain the just compensation you deserve.

The law regarding pedestrians’ rights is often misunderstood and confusing. We know the law, and will do all we can to protect you and help you obtain medical treatment, financial compensation and justice that you deserve.

Our personal injury services are comprehensive, meaning whatever obstacles and burdens our clients face from their accident, we seek to resolve them. This may mean going above and beyond the normal course of duty for handling their legal claim or lawsuit; so be it. The time after an accident can be frustrating, emotional and confusing. We will help sort through everything so our clients can focus on recovering.

Common Issues In Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrian accidents may involve a number of issues that we fully investigate. First, we look at all possible causes of the accident, including driver inattention, marked and unmarked crosswalks, failure or malfunction of pedestrian control devices and more. It is important to identify all liability sources so we can begin building the strongest case possible and counter frivolous defenses.

Second, these types of accidents commonly involve insurance questions. As a pedestrian, what insurance covers your injuries? If the driver is uninsured or leaves the scene of the accident, uninsured motorist coverage provides protection. If the driver was insured, that insurance will be primary. Your own medical payment coverage may pay for your medical bills in the first instance. We will inform and educate our clients about this often confusing topic so they know what to expect and will obtain the compensation they deserve.

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