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In an Auto Accident? Always Call the Police!

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Auto Accident |

Sometimes when people are in auto accidents which they initially believe to be minor, they decide not to call the police to the scene.    This is a huge mistake.   While the other driver may be nice and even admit fault to you at the scene, without that admission being documented it is useless if the person then changes their mind or denies what happened.   The police will obtain all driver and insurance information, will document the precise time and location of the accident, and will describe the accident and assign legal fault where appropriate.   This is crucial for you to have when submitting insurance claims to any insurance company for your property damage as well as any injuries and medical expenses you may have incurred.   It is also critical to prove that you were not at fault.   Finally, it is extremely helpful for an attorney to have so that he or she may correctly and promptly present your claims and process your case.