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Auto Accidents on Slippery Winter Roads in New Hampshire

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2013 | Insurance, Personal Injury |

It is winter in New Hampshire.    Roads can be covered with snow and ice.    When this happens, we witness what can often be a dramatic increase in winter related automobile accidents.  The question may be if you sustain a personal injury, do I have a case?   Just because you are struck in your motor vehicle and are injured, does not mean that you automatically have a case.   It is necessary to prove that the person who hit you was legally at fault.  This can be complicated by slippery roads, allowing the other driver to claim that his or her loss of control and the resulting accident was caused by the slippery conditions, and not negligence.    In these cases, it is critically important to make sure the police are called to investigate the accident, and if you noticed driving on the part of the other driver that was negligent but not winter related, i.e., speeding, texting, swerving, etc., make sure the police officer is aware of that.   Make sure your insurance company is aware of that.   Take photos of the tire marks in the snow if possible.  There is a strong chance that if you do not develop your case early and properly, you could lose due to the “slippery road” defense.    If in doubt, contact a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer to assist you as early in the process as possible.